LinkedIn Mastermind Session

13 November, 9.30am - 2.30pm with a working lunch 

Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel, ME17 1RE


LinkedIn Mastermind

We have some exciting news... after running our LinkedIn workshops for a year now we decided to launch a LinkedIn Mastermind session.

As this is the first one we are offering it at a discounted price of £175. 

And, as is it a strategy session we are limiting places to 10 to ensure everyone benefits from the session.

Is this you?

  • “I attended one of Jade’s LinkedIn workshops but have still not pulled together a strategy for the company.”
  • “I had great intentions with LinkedIn then lost momentum when work got busy.”
  • “I know bits of LinkedIn but not enough to pull it all together to start making it work.”
  • “I want to start seeing results to make the time I have committed to LinkedIn worthwhile.”

Why do you need a LinkedIn strategy?

1. As a company you will have goals that can be transferred to LinkedIn to ensure what you or the team are doing is targeted and working towards the companies bigger picture

2. To measure what you are doing, will enable all to see what you do on LinkedIn is worthwhile and will illuminate the worry of time wasting

3. To document your ideal client and what their problems and pain points are will enable you to reach out to them directly on Linkedin and get them in your pipeline

A strategy will ensure you as the company owner or all the team are on-board with what you want to achieve and make sure you get there.


If you do have a team the benefits of having them involved with your strategy:

  • To use yours or your team's connections to reach out to new clients will give you that competitive advantage – staff can have 10 times the connection a company page has
  • Your staff are on the front line hearing from your clients and potential client’s questions they have, these can be turned into valuable content
  • Your staff can help amplify your brand by sharing content and helping their audience

Jade created a Linkedin strategy for Bellsure - she analysed our current offering and drilled down into the depth needed to improve individual profiles and overhaul our overall business messaging. The training day itself was inclusive and broken down into manageable chunks, the aftercare and support following the training has also been fantastic. 

Jade has created supporting documents for the team, so that I can keep on top of implementing the Linkedin strategy created for Bellsure - they are useful, informative and relevant. The framework Jade has set up has already increased staff engagement and content creation, which in turn is increasing customer engagement and sales leads. Thanks Jade!

Bliss Christopher-Brearley
Bellsure Marketing Co-ordinator | Construction
September 20, 2018, Bliss was a client of Jade’s

A mastermind session with 

Jade Pluck



I contacted Jade because I wanted to use LinkedIn as a lead generation channel for my international coaching business. Together we have developed a private messaging strategy. She also came up with useful ideas for my content marketing here on LinkedIn. I am now able to warm up my prospects and schedule an initial consultation within 4-6 weeks after the first contact. This gave me a huge uplift and I have been able to double the amount of qualified leads. I can highly recommend to work with Jade, if you want to use Linkedin as a lead generation channel.

Serkan Fidanci
Helping self-employed entrepreneurs grow to small business owners, Business Coach, Business and Branding Strategies
August 29, 2018

In this strategy session you will learn how to

  • Define your LinkedIn Goals
  • Complete a personalised LinkedIn strategy so you know exactly how you will reach your goals
  • Start to document what content you will start to share across LinkedIn
  • Look at a few of your competitors so you can start to benchmark what you are doing on LinkedIn
  • Create messaging strategies so you can start to build business relationships with prospects
  • Create an action list for other staff members and understand how to start to roll out these new processes
  • If there is time at the end we may even start messaging a few of your prospects

What you will take away from the strategy:

  • Your complete strategy
  • Content plan template
  • Content ideas list template
  • Action list for you and or the team
  • Copy of my LinkedIn handbook

Just to remind you of the huge benefits of LinkedIn

  • Brand awareness - 81% of Buyers are more likely to engage with a strong, professional brand
  • Increase sales - Top social sellers have 45% more opportunities per quarter
  • Become an industry thought leader - 82% of business decision makers (BDM’s) say thought leadership increased their trust in an organisation
  • Get recommended - 44% of buyers find potential vendors through shared LinkedIn connections
  • Increase sales - Connect with all 5.4 key decision makers within an organisation

You will need to commit to the strategy after this session to see the results you want! 

You will need time to test your strategy but set yourself a date to stay on track. 

You will need to motivate yourself or empower your team so that they know what you are working towards on LinkedIn


Who should come from your company? It could be…

  • Someone who has a great understanding of LinkedIn, maybe they use it a lot already or they have attended my workshop.
  • The Owner/Director/CEO of the company as they are the decision makers and can roll out the action lists – they do need to understand the essentials on LinkedIn though.
  • The Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Account Managers in my experience are always hands-on with the LinkedIn Strategy

If you want to start taking control of LinkedIn and start getting results you must book on to this session

Cost is £175 per person; however, if you wish to bring more than one person from the same company, the second place will be half price.

13 November | 9.30am - 2.30pm | £175 +VAT
(Including working lunch)

Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel, ME17 1RE

About Jade Pluck

Jade is the owner of LinkedIn to Success and she specialises in increasing the success of your business through LinkedIn

Jade understands how to use LinkedIn as part of a long-term marketing plan to get results. She will show you the potential of LinkedIn and the success it will bring to your business.

Jade is passionate about your success via LinkedIn – your business will excel once you have worked with Jade. 

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